Who Are Sarah, Paul, Hank and Stephen?

We are The Coaching Revolution.

Three of us have worked together for a number of years, training and supporting new coaches (for another coaching organisation) and Stephen joined the fray 6 months ago.

We come from a variety of backgrounds and we know that our skills, determination and sound knowledge of the coaching game mean that we can help coaches make the leap from wishing to earning.

Between us, we have the following experience: One of us has spent the vast majority of their career in self-employment, two of us have made a successful transition from public sector work to coaching (nowhere near as easy as it sounds) and one of us has spent their entire career in business – self-employed and employed.

The variety in our backgrounds means that you can be confident that one of us has the skills and experience to support you as an individual coach. We are strong believers that coaches, with the right skill set – which includes being able to market yourself as a professional – can make a living from coaching. We are horrified with the current statistics around failure rates; the International Coaching Federation (ICF) statistics say that 82% of coaching businesses fail within the first two years!

Together, we are changing this outcome for UK coaches.

The Coaching Revolution is underway… Will you join us?